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Dr. Jack Foughty

Hi I'm Dr. Jack Foughty, our office has been serving the community since 1981. Years ago something happened to me that changed my life forever. You see, I injured my neck and arm while wrestling in high school. It got so bad that I couldn't lift my arm. The pain became so intense, in fact, there were days that I could hardly stand the pain. Eventually, I had to face the fact that if I didn't do something about it, I wouldn't last very long as a wrestler, and I'd be out of the next tournament. My parents took me to see a Chiropractor. Well to make a short story even shorter, he did an exam and then "adjusted" my spine. The adjustment didn't hurt, it actually felt good. I got immediate relief, and I could actually use my arm and I wrestled in the next tournament, 4 days later. The bottom line is that I got better, fast. Actually, it worked so well that I decided that I would one day become a chiropractor myself. And I did, it was one of the best decision I've ever made.

I enjoy helping people and seeing their pain and health improve, especially when nothing else has helped them. Over the years, I have gone to great lengths to keep abreast of all the latest procedures. That's the only way to keep to keep improving. We are not your typical Chiropractic office, we utilize functional neurology, nutrition, metabolic care, laser, decompression and instrumental adjusting, sets us apart from most other clinics. We are also involved with a forum run by a Chiropractic Neurologists. This forum allows hundreds of Dr's to share with each other what is working and to get advise on difficult cases. See web site: www.lifechangingcare.com

Our adjusting procedure utilize instruments, that means your neck and back don't have to be twisted and or cracked. It is very gentle and it is how I like to be adjusted as well as 99% of my patients. I hope this information gives you an idea of what our office can do to help you and or your loved ones get the quality of life that you want.

Matthew 19:26
"With God all things are possible."

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